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Friday, 28 October 2016

Talk with your Brain and not your Tongue.

Is it just me or is there something about the way people talk?
Have you come across people that talk either arrogantly, annoying or insulting....If yes, then I'm really happy I'm not alone in the mind-the-way-you-talk-to-me world. Maybe it's the way I grew up but I detest "wrong talks" especially when I'm not at my best mood. 
Yesterday was a pile up of wrong talks for me, I first experienced it
with the bus driver on my way to school. When I entered the bus, he told me the price was 50naira but I insisted on 40naira and he said I should enter. Only for me to get to my school's gate and he started claiming rights saying that it was 50 naira he said initially and he was like "you nor well, thunder fire you. Ashawo" I didn't wanna reply him cause I'd just look stupid but then I thought, what has ashawo got to do with what we were saying, Abi he see me for junction ni.
As if that was not enough, a friend of mine that has not seen me since school resumed, saw me on my way to class and was screaming "you have ematiated". I was like seriously??? Why did you have to use the word ematiate when the phrase "you have lost weight" was in the dictionary. 
I guess that was enough inspiration to trigger this blog post, "talk with you brain and not your tongue". As unrealistic as it sounds, it's literally correct because if we all talk the way our tongue wants us to, then we will keep hurting people and other people will keep hurting us. 
I figured the following point will guide our tongue and help our brain reason out the right words to say cause believe it or not, your tongue might one day determine your life (one guy lost his life by shouting "who you epp" to a cultist)

  • You must first learn to address people the way you want them to address you. You have to consciously put what you are about to say into consideration by analysing if what you will say will hurt you when said to you by another person. Its more like loving your neighbour as your self but being concious of it at all time by constantly reminding and auto checking yourself. You might wanna say "I wonder what I'm still doing with you, you are so useless". Try to say it to yourself first and see how it feels like because the person you are talking to is equally a human with feelings.
  • You have to understand that NOBODY is comfortable or happy when you disrespect them. It triggers defence, offence, hate and bad belle. Why not save yourself the stress by respecting people with your every speech whether they are young or old. It is easier to be on somebody's good side than the bad side because you really donno how that wrong talk might offend that small girl down the street.
  • Understand that people rate you by your speech. Apart from your appearance, the other thing that someone can have an impression on is how you address people. It is important to watch your reputation because you really have no idea "who is who" and what that person you think is a riff raff might hold for you in the future.
So be on the saver side by talking and reasoning right. The power of death and life is in your tongue.

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