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Saturday, 1 October 2016


Article by Collins Adolf


Many years ago, a child was born into a royal family (the vast resources present in the land), precisely in the Western region of a presumed dark continent.
Now, gradually approaching its sixth decades of existence, it is so unfortunate, this child must have derailed and got it wrong somewhere. Perhaps she has failed to live up to expectations, ever since her parents, the founding fathers came together exactly on this day, 1st of October, 1960 irrespective of
ethnic differences, to establish that great bond in a holy matrimony later tagged an ‘Indivisible Unity,’ with Flora Shaw acting as sponsor to this union, she named their offspring ‘NIGERIA.’
It is also important to note that, barely seven years into their marriage, the shackles of the enemies began to play out in the lives of the newly wed. The thought of divorce became the bane in their relationship, as it metamorphosed into an inevitable civil war (1967-1970). Now, what does the future holds for a child who has had her own fair share of highs and lows? Ranging from the aforementioned civil wars, to early political crisis in most of its regions, global economic melt down, terrorism and now economic recession. Her zeal and will to survive is so strong still, as your applaud and praises wouldn’t even be needed before she prides herself as the ‘Giant of Africa’ and a child destined for greatness. So, it was not surprising that I heard Musa, Chioma and Tunde describing this child, now adult with these simple attributes;

NG-Who am I?

Musa- Your eyes are white, therefore, you are pure in heart.

NG-Who am I?

Chioma- Your skin is dark, therefore, you are energetic.

NG- Who am I?

Tunde- Your blood is green (am no alien though), therefore, you are a NIGERIAN. 

Now, I guess everyone knows WHO THEY ARE?

                                      Joyeux Anniversaire Cinquante-six Nigeria
                                      Happy Fifty-six (56) Independence Nigeria.

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