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Monday, 3 October 2016

Wife Material With Lazy Bones

She defines the wife material.
She shows up looking so sweet

Awesome smell and clean clothes
She arouses your senses with her perfect tenses
"Wife material"-Ten thousand yards
That's all you can see in her.
She's your woman, and you can't wait to take her to the alter to make her your everything.
She seems outstanding in all ramification
Sexually desiring, looks attracting, manners appealing, she is understanding, God-Fearing, captivating, loving, hardworking, amazing mesmerizing......Oya add your -ing-

With the intensity of your hot blood, You took her to the alter.
She's now your very own "Mrs-Your Surname"
Red love in the air, hot s*x everywhere
She is clearly your missing rib.
Indeed she's a wife material and you further entered the castle of her deep love.
They say you dont know the true colour of a cameloen till it reveal itself (Now I'm feeling like I know parables)
Over time, she starts showing her true colour.
We would have blamed it on pregnancy but she's not pregnant.

She'll wake up by 10am, leave the house dirty, dishes dirty, To cook is a problem, the pile of clothes becomes like Mountain Kilimanjaro, the house practically becomes like a war front. She still has her outstanding quality but her lazy bones just discredits her wife material traits.
You practically have to start doing most of the house chores (more like an errand boy). You complain, talk, correct, all forms of constructive argument but like the saying goes again, "you can't bend a full grown palmtree except you cut it down"
Lol... Love is clean and not dirty, strong and not lazy. So in the presence of such a lackadaisical environment, The flashlight of love and peace goes out.

Young ladies, Dear Wifes, I've seen such attitude so many times and in this article I would correct the root of the problem. Perhaps correcting the root would also correct the problem itself. The accumulation of lazy bones starts at a very young age. You would skip washing plates, arranging your room, cooking, washing clothes, and other house chore. Over the years, it migrated to your teenage and youth life, you would leave your room looking like a tonedo's residence, basically do nothing, apart from dress well, talk, and go out. The laziness became a lifestyle and followed you to your matrimonial home and if care is not taken, might break it.

To stop this character would not be easy, to remove all the lazy bones in your body wouldn't be a day's job whether you are married or not, the technique requires consistency and commitment. It is however important to imbibe in it, in order to save your life, marriage and have people respect you.

The first thing to do is to Get Help (lol, now I'm feeling like MMM). A problem shared is one half solved. Just tell someone about your lazy bones; you really don't have to be shy because the person might already know. Plead with the person to always remind you to do things whenever you are exhibiting your lazy wife material characteristics.

If you are the mentally lazy type. The type that does not even think about getting things done, then start a to-do list. Never underestimate the power of a to-do list. Write all you have to do in the morning and tick them out in the evening. The will make you remember that you have something to do.

If you are not the mentally lazy type i.e the type that think about doing something but end up not doing it. Then consider this article DO IT NOW.

Understand the fact that no one would help you take care of your children. If you are lazy before having them, i wonder how they will become.

Lol...I have spoken!

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