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Monday, 7 November 2016

And I came out alive in the road accident

Ever had the cruising thought that night journeys are the best? No heat from sunlight, no hold ups on the road, and of cause; no stress worrying about what you would wear, it's actually 'dark'... Well... I did too, until..... I had my slice from life's bitter lemon lolz.

#Biting lips#
I actually went to get a swim suit that I forgot on my last visit to granny; my swimming class was scheduled for the following day. This was around 8:34pm in the evning; (quite late, i know) but I had some stuffs to fix up in school.

After arranging the swim suit in my bag, i set out for school, though the time was really late and the Sun had completely gone to sleep. My granny tried to talk me into staying back because of the time but I insisted on returning to school, hammering on the fact that i had swimming class to start by 8am and her house is really far from my school; I wouldn't be able to meet up on time.

Finally... *feeling victorious*,
I boarded a straight bus which was suppose to take me to school, and sat at the extreme right corner of the last row, surfing the net as the bus zoomed in high speed causing the wind to caress my face with it's gentle touches. Suddenly!! A very new and clean Mercedes-Benz intersected my bus with a loud #bash# by the side i was sitting, and practically hitting me directly. In a moment of seconds, the bus was off the road with all its passengers screaming in their different native dialects, everybody except me; I couldn't even feel my body. 

After the bus had stopped moving, the passengers were looking at me waiting to see my reaction and the 'blood' that would gush out of my body, but then, I smiled and muttered the word "help!" Quickly they got me off the bus and on the ground beside the road.

The bonnet of the Mercedes-Benz was totally destroyed and it's driver not minding the situation on ground, focused more attention punching the bus driver, but people held him and were screaming that it was his fault.

Twas while I was still reviving from the shock that a friend saw me, stopped by and offered me a ride to school. I was feeling pains all over my body, i couldn't move without assistance for sometime, I couldn't even swallow food and its the major reason why I couldn't post anything over the weekend. But Thank God I didn't sustain any injury, break any bone, or lose my life. I am forever grateful. 

Would have taken pictures of the injured Mercedes-Benz but then it totally skipped my mind so I stole this one up there from Google... Lols.


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