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Wednesday, 23 November 2016


With time 
The barren  becomes pregnant 

With time 
The pregnant woman becomes a mother 

With time 
the mother becomes a daughter

With time
The married woman becomes a widow 

With time 
the childless widow becomes an object of obscurity and weak pity.

With time 
An heroes deeds are told as stories 
While great events become myths
And Once-Upon-A-Time.

For with time
Mountains metamorphose to sand 
Rivers turn farmland 
And Hills reduce to slime.

And time 
frowns nor smiles on nothing 
neither does he give nor take something
for only a fool boast with a dime.

Oh time 
you are so slow but yet too fast  
For our tomorrow becomes yesterday 
Like the uncertain colouration of a lime.

Man is a slave to time
As all men will answer to the call of time.
For the authority he exacts is divine 
Nothing happens without the consent of time. 

The past is Time
The present is Time
The future is Time
And Éghé himself is Time.. 

By:Godwin Henry Osaigbovo (Pa Shakespeare)


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