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Thursday, 3 November 2016

He is broke and he can't buy me an iPhone7

Dear female child
You sit with your friends in groups lashing the broke guys and calling them names
"mumu" "idiot" "Otundo" "Shameless rabbit" 
All because he can't buy your cream, buy you an iphone7, make your hair, fix your nails, your eyelashes, take you out, buy your clothes and make your expensive dreams come true.
He is not God and he cant supply all your needs and you are just as broke as him, if not you''ll be able to take care of your self.

Dear female child!
You push the broke guy away 
He's not worth your time and your pretty face.
You forget that his today is not his tomorrow;
You know deeply down that he truly cares,
But who is his care gonno help?
Is it gonno put food-(no sorry iphone7)-on your table?
Is his love gonno get you the latest lipstick, kimono or crop top that you eyed on jumia?
Is his love gonno amend your recession broken heart?
Obviously No!!!
So he has to park his love by the Ajegule where he lives in and allow you move over to lekki to acquire cash from those that ride on expensive brands.

Dear female child!
You move over to the " legally rich guys"  "Yahoo guys"
"Sugar daddies" and "Blood money men".
They bang out your life and pay you in return after stealing your destiny in a mixture of blood and water.
You flunt acquired materials in the face of other pretty girls with broke guys making them wish they could become like you.

My dear female child
After a while your own karma attacks
You go through shits in life because you have sold out your "kekere" for a few pieces of materialistic desires.
You chose the easy way in but now you can't come out-
So you are sucked out of happiness and you know that sooner or later, life will milk out the materials that you have acquired 

Dear female child!
Don't get me in the wrong direction.
I didn't say the rich guys are bad and You should roll with only the broke guys but dating a rich guy for the sole purpose of milking him out is wrong.
You have to build your self and understand that your man is not your maker.
Get off the primitive thinking that a man is what will save you from this recession era, buy your brazilian hair, buy you an iphone7, buy your clothing and build for your parents a mansion.
You are not suppose to be a liability to your man but a helper.
You have to concentrate on improving yourself so he too will get inspired by your hard work.
The "world" will not rank you based on how good you are in bed but on how you pushed away your excuses and came out triumphant.
The world would only see you as a beneficiary to a "rich guy" if they don't see your brains active and the truth is with such a life, you will end up mediocre.

My dear female child!
Build your man.
Build your life.
Don't sell your self for a few pieces of materials, instead buy them legally.

My dear female child-Grind!


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