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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

My experience at a Nigerian hospital

Naija hospitals are off the hook... The experience you get there can burst your brain; trust me... I meant that literarily... Lol. Respect for god fatherism, similar traits like it's custom and tradition, old or inexperienced nurses, poor facilities... Name it!

I remember a particular period when i took ill, i had an exam to write the next day, but i couldn't even open my eyes to the light, let alone open my books to revise. I had to go home two days before the exam as the symptoms were no more trivial, and I needed to eat good food (I eat junk in school). School's health centre was too far from home, so instead, mum took me to a hospital close to my house.

Chai, my experience there was very annoying!! The sickness almost left me for the poor condition and manner of the nurses...

#nausea look#
Immediately my mum opened the entrance of the hospital and i pushed in, the first thing my nostrils grasped was the stench IZAL. You know IZAL right?? (If you don't, just visit a Nigerian hospital close to you). IZAL is a disinfectant with a pungent smell that most Nigerian hospitals vow to always use lols. The smell almost made me throw up. All my attempts to leave immediately was madr fruitless by my mum who kept pleading that i bare. So... I stayed.

While baring the ungodly smell of the IZAL mixed with the smell radiating from the uncleaned toilets, the nurses kept staring at me with disgust for reasons I didn't know. They showed no form of concern to the fact that I was a thin dying young girl (perhaps they thought I was pregnant for the doctor), yet they kept wasting my precious time. I had to wait for over an hour before I could see the doctor (not like the hospital was full or something)

After waiting for the 'coming of the saviour', i was finally in the doctor's office. You wouldn't believe the second thing he asked me after my name and age was the last time I saw my period! #raised brow#..  I could see disappointment written all over his face when I told him I was still on my period (Only God and his grandmother knows why he wanted me to be pregnant lwkm). Without running any test, he told me I had malaria and i was still in shock. In as much as I know that we have mosquitoes everywhere in this country, doesn't mean that all the doctors should conclude that we are all bunch of malaria tanks. I told him I would like to test for typhoid fever cause I have been drinking hostel water for some time.

After the test showed that I had typhoid, he (the doctor) prescribed some drugs for me to buy at the pharmacy section. I really don't know if they do it on purpose, but his handwriting was like a 2 year old playing with paper and biro; Gush... I couldn't see anything. I asked if I could get the medication from other pharmacy shops but he 'advised' that the drugs were rare and i should just get it there.

I moved over to the pharmacy section and i was charged as high as pity may never seize to exist. I vowed to go to another pharmacy to compare prices and figure out if I was cheated but I never had the time. 

Mum paid the bills, they gave me two injections and i hurriedly zoomed off the hospital before another doctor tell me i have HIV without running any tests. Lol. I still had to write my exams the following day (was still sick), but i got better in a week time. Thankfully to God I 'slightly' passed that course. 

So much for my Nigerian hospital experience, have you had any of such?? If not.. Please braise yourself for a brain bursting experience... Winks...


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