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Saturday, 19 November 2016

My experience in an Edo State taxi

Once again i was running late for my 9am swimming class Saturday last week, 8:55am and i was still at home. I dashed out of the house with my new purple purse to open the gate for my dad. I had just got that fancy purse few days back and trust me, ownership don dey shak me! As i had transferred some of my important stuff into it that morning; my school ID card, ATM card and N5000 for a dissecting set and a rain boot (Final year project field work).
#Yeah i know i said it again... wink!

Dad was going for a function and he decided to drop my mum and I off where we could get public transport to our various destinations. My mum was on her way to see my granny so we took the same taxi (Not Cab). The pool was just 5 minutes drive from my granny's house.

As usual# Funny Edo state taxi drivers!
In their small 'Audi 80', they would still insist on carrying four passengers at the back seat and two at the front. My mum got comfortable as she paid for the two spaces in front but I was almost suffocating beside this lady seating close to me. She had a very big booty and bad body odour; meeeehn i was soooo uncomfortable! "How in heaven's sake do i breathe!!". "Madame please adjust", at least i asked politely, but all i got was a frowning face; 'like she owned the taxi'.

#journey continued...
The driver kept swearing and cursing the Nigeria Police as he drove in top speed, while I kept wishing that one of the passengers was a policeman so he'll beat him up and I wouldn't have to pay the 100bucks for the fare. Unfortunately, we were all civilians.

Instagram was my saviour from the driver's panting and ranting as I carried my back pack on my laps and placed my purse on top the back. When I got to my destination, I got off the taxi and mum paid for my fare and bid me goodbye.

"How much last for the earpiece" I asked a sales rep selling phone gadget along the road.

"Aunty it's 300 last" she replied. So I dipped my hand into my back pack to pay her. 

E don happen#
I scattered my bag really bad but couldn't find the purse. It had slipped off my lap on the taxi. Jeez!!!! My heart started to skip like I was in an action film. I kept calling my mum but the ANNOYING mtn lady kept saying "unreachable", pumping out my adrenalin gaster than normal.

With tears in my brain I managed to walk to the pool. My course mates consoled me and told me that I'll be fine (Though no one offered to give me my precious 5k back). It was after my mum got off the taxi that she told me she didn't even notice anything at all. 

I just packed the pieces of myself to school the next morning to retrieve my ID card... And here we  are the list of items needed...!!

  • Police report (as if I killed someone)
  • Affidavits 
  • Letter to my VC
  • Payment of 500 naira to the bursary
  • School fees printout

I wonder the kind of form donald trump filled before assuming office#
I honestly don't even know where to start in the list.

Lesson learnt.
When in any public transport, always keep your purse in your bag if you have one, and don't get distracted with Instagram... 


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