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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

She was almost injured to death by a taxi thief

I was helping my mum out with shop chores yesterday when we heard a loud cry from outside. We hurried outside and saw a very pretty lady crying on the road with blood all over her body. Trust Nigerians and their caring "Tafia" spirit, the whole place was packed with people with hands on their waist and asking her what happened in no time.

She couldn't really talk much as she was wailing herself out. I took out my phone to start recording the event hoping to send it to and make a few bucks but then I changed my mind as it was a personal story of hers and I deleted the video afterwards.

"Na taxi, them push me..... carry my money run. Jesus! Jesus! Nor be me get money" she kept repeating over and over as she wasn't really coordinated. I got scared cause she was looking like she was gonna go nuts and run into the road committing suicide but then she didn't.

According to her, she boarded a taxi, like I also did when I misplaced my valuables. you can read that here. Her case was far different and so much more pathetic. She sat down at the passengers seat and was trying to lock the door but the door wouldn't lock. There was a woman and two guys at the back seat and they were insisting that she should go over to the back seat since the front door was bad. As she got off the taxi in an attempt to go over to the back, the driver snatched her purse from her bag containing 50k that wasn't hers, someone else's atm card and pin written in a small paper, her identity cards and he zoomed off. She held the door and was running after the taxi when the car went high on speed then she fell on the major road severely injuring herself. 

Most people around were shaking their heads and offering different types, shapes and sizes of opinion "Na Devil" "Them dey know who carry money with jazz" "Go police station" "Go pray" "nor think am" "explain to the owner of the money" "Thank God say them nor kidnapp you take do rutual" "Just go house" "Kpele"

All these words that were supposed to console her simply infuriated her the more as she sat on the ground wailing like she lost someone. I just offered to help her clean the wounds with spirit and tissue paper from my mum's shop and boarded her on a bus to the nearest  police station (although I don't think they'll be effective at all). My mum also gave her about 1k to get herself home and Prolly eat something.

Guys o, Please we are in the end of the year, Christmas is coming and its recession period. People are pulling out ideas to make money from other people's sweat. Be careful with taxi (you know the old story about taxi) and any other thing generally.

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