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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

What you didn't know about condoms

ARTICLE by an Anonymous blog reader.

The door was abruptly opened as hands, mouths and legs moved rhythmically to the sounds of passionate moans. Tunde had been dying to bring this girl over to his house but she had been playing hard to get. Now that she was finally here, he had made up his mind to  enjoy every bit of her,  even till his ancestors are satisfied.

After all the  necessary foreplay, Tunde reached out to his pocket in his already pulled trousers, took out his wallet, and brought out one of his very priced treasure a long stored condom that he hasn't had the chance to use ever since. He tore the sachet open with his teeth as  quickly as  possible he couldn't wait any longer to get into her juicy honeypot.  He didn't want to trust his fingers because he knew his teeth was definitely faster than his fingers.Tunde went on to lubricate the condom with Vaseline and quickly slid the piston into her hydraulic press and gbam!!! Seccs was over, tunde rolled of sweating profusely but happily. The morning came quickly and she went home.

She began to miss  her period,  first month passed,  second one ahhh it was then she discovered  that she was gonna be Tunde's  baby mama....

 Here is  what happened.

Firstly Tunde opened the condom with his teeth. In as much as it is doing you, you must be very careful  not to open the latex condom with your teeth or with a pair of scissors because you could easily tear off the condom with such sharp edges. Of course, just like Tunde, one might be too absent to notice and such nonchalance might just lead to unwanted pregnancy 

Secondly Tunde used an  Oil based lubricant like Vaseline. Lubricants like vaseline will create tiny pores in the condom and thus leak out the liquid.

Thirdly Tunde's condom was expired in his wallet. 
Oh yes! In as much as guys tend  to want to protect themselves at all times, do not forget that there is  something called an expiry date. As soon as it expires, it is prone to malfunction and it might turn you into the baby dada that you ain't ready to be. So check for expiry date and go ahead to replace those condoms in your wallet as often as possible  (I mean, they are not expensive)

Tunde also could have been allergic to latex. It is no news that in this country, we don't pay much attention to 'allergy' but be careful. If you are allergic to latex, you might have problems with condoms so go check yourself.

Finally Tunde was too quick to get to the promised land and he forgot to properly wear his protection. Don't be like Tunde.

Tunde's experience doesn't happen everyday, but please be careful so the funny once in a blue moon occurance wouldn't happen to you.

I have come across so many young girls with kiddos that they ain't ready for, all because of one wrong night. 

They often end up with either of these regrets

"we shouldn't have had sex that night"

"The guy should have used protection"

"The guy did use protection but not properly"

In this article, I strive to correct the third regret.Don't forget to share to that Mr that needs this.


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