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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What you should never post on social media

There is this Facebook friend of mine that I have never seen or met on ground, but could tell you about 80% of his life story; where he works, his ex girlfriend, present girlfriend, the year he got a job, his salary, what he buys on a daily basis, his age, his church, football club, Address, phone number, all his travel schedules,  sibling names and i bet I'll recognise his late grandmum in heaven when I get there. The only thing I wouldn't recognise is the size of his 'cassava' and that's because he hasn't posted it 'yet'.

I totally get the fact that the social media is a place where we get to express ourselves and make friends from the vast world wide web, but we have to maintain a low profile for security purpose, and, you will agree with me that as a Nigerian, 'You dunno who is who'. 

In my own insight of 'over posting' in social media, I came up with a list of stuffs that we shouldn't post online:

Your relationship status: if you are not married, please don't paint the internet red with your girlfriend or boyfriend because you'll simply look like trifling person; if eventually you break up and then start 'unposting' old pictures.  If however you are going through heart break of some sort, endeavour to confide in a close friend and not the social media cause these people don't even know you.

Avoid Explicit content: No matter how much you love your body, keep it to yourself except you wanna be the next popular 'Porn Star' in the country (which could probably make you blow any ways, lol). Remember that the internet is a place where things can get heated up in the blink of an eye, so be careful.

Luxurious living: We know that your might be the chairlady or chairman of wealth but keep it to yourself (especially celebrities). Posting your gold plated wristwatch, Lewis Vilton Umbrella and yet to come iphone10 will only hamper on your security, so, what's the need? If you notice, the multi billionaires don't even have time to post their gadgets.

Multiple images of the same picture: I swear this one can be so annoying!! Meeeeehn!! Some people will post 10 of the same picture disturbing other people's timeline; this is not called for. Ensure you only post relevant ones.

What you ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner:
Truth is, no body cares about this so it's advisable to keep it locked in your stomach. If what you eat on a daily basis can change anybody's bank account, then you can go ahead and post the colour and taste of the food too... Wink.

How much you hate your job:
You hate your job? Don't tell the whole world (that's how my mum describes the social media). Your boss/colleagues might find this and use it against you so just save yourself the struggle. A family friend of mine is currently facing serious query in his office because of wrong social media typing.

Too much of personal information:
Your precise location, phone number, bank account number, travel schedules, salary, and any other thing that strictly concerns you should not be posted on any of your social media account. There are people out there that are looking for enough information on anyone for the wrong reasons. Don't be the scape goat. #be wise... 

You smoking weed:
Avoid posting pictures that might tarnish your image as regards societal ethics. You much have heard that some companies do check the social media account of their job applicants just to know if they are responsible; this is a hundred percent true and you really don't wanna put your job hunting on the line, just because of wrong posting.

Untrue statements/information: Sensitive statements that you didn't hear with your ears, or information that has not been confirmed should not be posted as this might make you regularly appear as the wrong source. And apparently be apprehended for false rumor munging.

Enjoy the fun of social medias, but always keep your security to mind because you are truly what matters. The social media could promote or ruin you, the choice is yours.


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