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Monday, 19 December 2016

Annoying and funny ways Nigerian girls dress to slay.

There is this girl down my street. She should be in her mid twenties and her sister in her early twenties. They usually do annoy me with the way they dress. I ordinarily don't have any issue if they decide to wear skimpy clothes (I mean its their choice) but the problem is that they are either dragging down the extremely short skirt to meet their kneel length or they are looking like a rain beaten kitten who is scared to walk freely on the road.

Aside my neighbors, the truth is that most of us females fall under this category of being indecisive with what we wear. Here are some rather annoying things we do with our clothe choices.

Consciously wear a skimpy dress and start dragging it down. I mean, why eat poison without being forced and then start complaining? It's outrageous. If you are gonna wear a skimpy dress, wear it with pride and don't drag it down continuously or rather, don't wear it at all.

Use a scarf to cover a dress so the cleavage wouldn't be revealed. Honestly, this is really disturbing. You wouldn't feel comfortable through out the whole day and the last time I checked, fashion is first comfortable before any other thing. It is obvious the dress has been designed to reveal cleavage, why buy it in the first place if you are not ready to show us? (I'm still waiting for the answer tho)

Showing off underwear and then dragging up the jeans to cover the panties.
And I'm like "don't you have a belt or something?" We didn't ask to see your underwear, if we wanted to see under wears we'd go to a nearby shop and stare or we'd simply be obsessed with our own. So biko, if it's gonna show your underwear (and you don't want it to), simply use a belt or don't wear it at all

Sit with a skimpy dress and then used handkerchief to cover your laps.
I don't get the point here. If you know you are gonna sit and not be comfortable, why wear the dress? No! It wasn't thought that way, instead she'll wear it and then carry handkerchief, wrapper or book to cover the lap

Wear heels when going out and slippers coming back. I'm guilty of this offence though and its hilarious, why wear heels when you know you can't go stretch with them? Of course, you ain't use to it and your legs begin to hurt.

Struggle with a short skirt when entering okada. I could remember a friend of mine getting her skirt torn when entering okada on her way back from visiting me. We had to go back to my place to sew it with needle and thread cause she'll refuse to wear my long skirt. But why?? Why wear a tight short skirt when you know you are gonna take a bike and when you fully understand the consequences?? (I'm still waiting for the answer o)

Biko, ladies let us endeavor to always be comfortable first with our clothe choices, that's the basics of fashion.




  1. Yhh Erica, your dam ryt lolz , ahmean why smoke weed if u hate getting Stupid high

  2. Very annoying wen I c such things..... Seen Wre a gal wearing an extremely mini skirt about to enta a bike tore it....mhen twaz damn embarrassing


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