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Monday, 12 December 2016

God is Ugly-AbdulBaseet Eshikhena

Currently, there is this Publicity of "IS GOD UGLY?" "GOD IS UGLY" going on in virtually all social media and it has kept us in suspence. Due to our curiosity and dedication to bring you the latest,we went after the source of this publicity and guess what? We found the brain behind this suspense. He is AbdulBaseet Eshikhena. A pharmacy student of UNIBEN who has developed passion for what he does, "Spoken words" is better you hear from him. Below Is an exclusive interview with abdulBaseet!

OSAIGBOVO IGHODARO: Hello sir,How was your day sir?
BASEET: It was quite interesting (in excited tone)
BASEET: How about yours?
OSAIGBOVO: I thank God. So why did you say your day was interesting? (Smiles)
BASEET: sighs...I had a chance to meet old friends and make new ones
OSAIGBOVO: That's great. So sir Can we meet you?
BASEET: Yes of course (removes eye glasses)
BASEET: clears throat....I am Abdul Baseet Eshikhena. A pharmacy student from the University of Benin by day and a free thinker by heart.. lover of spoken word poetry...
OSAIGBOVO: Oh you are from pharmacy? We heard of the tragedy that befell the faculty. Please accept our condolences (in sympathetic tone)
BASEET: Thanks (bows his head)
OSAIGBOVO: So how come the name Abdul BASEET? Were you born in a Muslim family?
BASEET: I knew you were going to ask, Yes I am.. my father is Muslim (smiles)
OSAIGBOVO: Wooow.....that is great! (In surprise tone. So what do you mean by you are a free thinker?
BASEET: (seats up) I don't let my environment, society and even my shortcomings affect my thoughts.. lets just say, I carry my own weather
OSAIGBOVO: That's good to hear Sir. So how did you find yourself in spoken words?
BASEET: Out of love and obsession with the art.. I had my heart in the Art (in bold tone)
OSAIGBOVO: You mean you woke up and found yourself In the field?
BASEET: No oh...(laughs). I actually didn't plan for it, Just loved watching and listening to spoken word Artist.. then I had someone in life who was kind of my muse and I wrote to her when I was on holidays from school. So that she never forgets how much I missed her presence... And let's say the rest is history
OSAIGBOVO: Hmmmm..... I see! We hope to hear more about her....(winks)
BASEET: Ok sir...(giggles)
OSAIGBOVO: So Who are your spoken word mentors?
BASEET: Off the top of my head.. David Bowden, Ezekiel azonwu, Jon jongerson, prince ea and Les Brown...
OSAIGBOVO: Nice... It seems you follow only one African?
BASEET: Well there are three blacks out of the five (smiles and winks)
OSAIGBOVO: Hehehehehehehe(laughs).... I see
BASEET: (clears throat) But that's not an excuse... African poetry suffers one grave thing....Accessibility
OSAIGBOVO: Yea? (in confused tone) When you say accessibility... What do you mean?
BASEET: (speaks louder) U can't get to see or hear their work ... globalization of African poetry is poor.
OSAIGBOVO: Hmmmm... Sir,What's new about your ministry?
BASEET: Well I am making it more accessible.. already have 2 videos on YouTube already with another on the way...
OSAIGBOVO: Wooow (in Joyful tone). Which ones do you have already?
BASEET: Yea.. first one is "Man's greatest problem" and the second is "What will I tell my Children"
BASEET: Thanks
OSAIGBOVO: So which one are we expecting?
BASEET: It's has a quite controversial name... It's called God is U.G.L.Y
OSAIGBOVO: That's interesting..So what is it about?
BASEET: It's just a side of God people don't realize. His loving side. This is because we have been fed with real lies.
OSAIGBOVO: This is interesting. So When do we expect the video?
BASEET: In some hours actually
OSAIGBOVO: We can't really wait (in excitement). This is going to be nice
BASEET: Thanks.. I think so too
OSAIGBOVO: How did you come up with this idea of God is ugly? What inspired you?
BASEET: Well ... I had a friend who was constantly bullied by herself and others about her looks.. this destroyed her self esteem and self worth.. I personally didn't think it matter for she was my good friend long before I understood that some persons are more physically attractive than some... and my every attempt to remind her what an amazing person she truly was didn't work.. so I felt she would get closure if I told her I was Ugly also.. during the writing of the piece, God started redirecting the letters and the words and that was how it came about. So I still wish she get the idea of this composition and set herself free from menace of other's opinions and know that the only opinion that matters is God's.
OSAIGBOVO: Powerful. But what do you see in the next ten years?
BASEET: Can't really say for sure.. but one thing I know is that I would be done with my schooling.. I would be more involved in public speaking and writing.. would probably go into business also and preparing a good future for my wife and kids 
OSAIGBOVO: Wooow... Nice
BASEET: I would continue it.. you see spoken word poetry is a form a public speaking..
OSAIGBOVO: Very true Sir. So sir, What are your final words?
BASEET: I think everyone especially Ladies should endeavor to watch this video and know that "beauty is no more in the eye of the beholder but in the eyes of the creator"... Thanks
OSAIGBOVO: Wooow....(smiles)
OSAIGBOVO: Beauty is no more in the eye of the beholder but in the eyes of Jehovah.. Right?
BASEET: Yes (smiles)
OSAIGBOVO: It was nice speaking with you sir,Thank you for your time
BASEET: Yeah same here.. anytime.. Good day!


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