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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Had a date, saw him and then he died.

I had just highlighted from a bus around 9:30 pm when a car parked close to me on my way back from Revealing Jesus. The driver offered me a ride but then I told him that my house was just opposite the road and the ride wasn't needed. However, he insisted on getting my contact to call me up and be friends. "I wouldn't bug you, I
promise" he said as he handed me his old Nokia Torchlight phone. With my extremely tiredness, I typed in my number, shouted goodnight and walked away. (I didn't even see the driver's face)

He kept calling and calling. After chatting and talking (He had a really good voice), we decided to meet up on a week day. I told him I didn't go out at night with strangers but then we concluded on meeting up within the premises of my school around 7pm on a Thursday.

At exactly 7pm, he called me and said I should meet him up at my school's staff club. I had never been to the staff club before (though I'm in my finals), so I texted to inform him that I'd be coming with a friend. My friend and I got to the staff club by around 8pm and trust me, it was more like a pub; a beer parlour! (not even a glorified version)

I could recognize some professors and some other staff in my school but of course, they wouldn't recognise me and that made me a little comfortable.

Someone really huge, not handsome, not properly dressed was walking towards me. The guy got to my front, stood and was smiling sheepishly with sweat all over his face. "Good evening my lady" he said and instantly I recognized his voice as my supposed date.

I honestly couldn't help but feel embarrassed, he was looking so unkempt and old. He greeted my friend and ushered us to sit close to him. In his table were 8 other men, a million bottle of different variety of beer, a single bottle of malt and a mountain top of suya. One of the men was drinking the malt, and he was corporately dressed. The others were either in Ankara or where casually dressed.

He asked me to take snirn off ice but then I insisted on taking Orijin Zero and so did my friend. I quietly swifted my seat slightly away from his (he was pouring me saliva when talking-he was terribly drunk) and I focused on the mountain topped suya coupled with me starting the first paragraph of this article.

Of a sudden, I heard him and another guy shouting and starting a quarrel  (Jesu!! Who send me come here?). They were both swearing and cursing and all I could do was to stay alert cause I sensed they were totally out of control. Later two other people joined the argument and one of the two newbies (the one that was corperatly dressed with the only bottle of malt I saw on the table) argily left the table and zoomed off in his ride.... His last words were "why would you start up an argument like this when we have visitors around". The three of them continued arguing after he had left and one of them kept on saying "so that guy walked out on this table....this sacred table"

Immediately I heard the word "sacred"; without trying to find out what it meant, I gave my friend a signal and we stood up to leave. The unkempt guy that I was having a date with was too drunk to notice that I was leaving and I didn't bother to tell him. I deleted his number immediately, thanked God for the free suya that I was able to package inside one polythene bag and for the Orijin Zero.... I got to my house in school at about 10pm and I slept off.

Few days later after I heard that 3 lecturals in the Department of Pharmacy died on their way travelling (they were completely burnt to ashes), I was privileged to see their pictures on a friend's display picture and to my greatest shock, the man that walked away from the argument. (The one that drank the only malt bottle on the table; yes the one that was corporately dressed) was one of the dead lecturals. I didn't know him personally but then a drop of tears fell down from my eyes without me realizing it. I had to message my supposed date on Facebook to offer my condolences.

So much for hanging out. Why am I always at the wrong places???



  1. You really are in the wrong places. All the men that died in pharmacy where either married or engaged to be married. Olosho

    1. least it wasn't him I was having the date with. Guess you understood the story differently

    2. least it wasn't him I was having the date with. Guess you understood the story differently


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