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Monday, 5 December 2016

My frog catching project work

Alarm buzz!! 2:40pm!
I jumped off the bed and hurried to the bathroom to take what I'll like to call a "shower" even though it was just pouring water all over my body without proper "soaping" and "scrubbing". 

I was still trying to get co-ordinated when my phone rang so I drew near to swipe the green botton of the broken Samsung screen with my wet hands.

"Hello madaam, please come with nothing less than 4k for the trip" my class mate said hurriedly. (Ofcourse his airtime was about to get exhausted)

"Ah! I'm with just 2k o. Don't know where I'll see 2k extra before 4 O' Clock" I replied, almost sounding angry.

"Please try, it's very important. 2k can't make the tri....." he answered as the call was uttered by MTN or whatever network he was using.

Chai! "Final year wahala wasn't gonna kill me; I thought to my self." I had previously gone to night class, haven't had enough sleep, had a field trip to go to by 4pm and now they are asking for extra cash which was not available at that moment.

I sighed as I picked my phone angrily to call my mum. She told me to start coming home and truth be told, my house is about 30 minutes from my school. If I took her invite, I wouldn't make it on time to join my classmates for the field trip. Since i was out of options, I went home and returned with like 6k all together although I was really late and I delayed the journey.

By 5:30pm, we hit the road to "Uzomo" village to collect our first samples (Frogs) for Project analysis. Our supervisor sent with us an attendant who we paid 20k and were expected to pay for his transport and food (Fair or unfair??). 

We all spent N1500 each to get to the village and N1150 for 5 packet of indomie belle full and a bag of sachet water. (We got them on our way from town and we could only eat 3 of the 5 packet of indomie. The villagers stole the remaining two) The village lacked electricity, mobile network and clean water. All the houses were mud houses with firewood cooking constructions at the backyards.

We arrived at the village, ate and zoomed off to the forest with our big torch lights looking for frogs to catch like we were gold "hunting". 
We were in the Bush from about 10pm to 1am catching frogs. I was practically sleep walking the whole time and my classmates kept waking me up to walk faster. Of all the frogs we caught, I couldn't catch any (I was useless in the trip, I wonder why they had to drag me along) and I was scared the whole time that something might come and eat the five of us. 

We got back to the hut we were gonna sleep where mosquitos and tse-tse fly held a welcoming party for us. Thank God that I was with my original insect repellent (Aboniki) and it saved me from sins and sorrows that night.

By 9am the next day we were back in school, we didn't have our shower in the village cause we felt we were gonno contact HIV just by pouring the peak milky water on our body. We kept the frogs we brought back from our journey in the lab and set out to go home and sleep but then, our supervisor said we were expected to start analysis immediately.

56 frogs and 1 toad!!!
How were we supposed to analyse everything with our tired and broken body???

But still, who were we to complain in front of our supervisor?? All we could do was  make funny faces and still get the work done.

We worked on these frogs from 9am to 6:30pm with only meatpie and one sachet water in each of our stomachs. I actually thought I couldn't make it home alive cause I was tired to the "maximum". When, I finally got home I couldn't even talk or explained what I've been through. My mum was trying to extract information but all I could do was nod my head to all her questions like a lizard and escaped to have my long awaited shower and slept off till 10pm the next day.

I woke up with severe cold and headache, slumped in the bathroom while brushing my teeth, woke up to see "Mrs Nurse" looking at me with a drip on my hand and me on my bed. Thank God they didn't take me to that hospital close to my house with their pungent hospital smell.

After all the taking care of and medications, I went back to the lab on Monday to finish dissecting 30 of the remaining frogs and thank God we were more experienced so it was faster this time.

Hmmm, that trip is just the beginning to 7 more frog catching trips and I must confess, I'm already scared for myself.



  1. Enter your comment... Nice Nice, I've been going through your old post.. not really good with comments but thumbs up dear

  2. Looking forward to the next trips ahead....
    Hope yhu ll kip me updated here with it.....
    To me yhu had a swell frog catching frog catcher.


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