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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Rape is unwanted s*x between husband and wife.

I was surfing wiki-how yesterday and I came across this. I was really surprised when I saw it. I thought being married meant "I own your body at all times" but apparently it seems otherwise.

Wiki-how is proving that rape is about power and not s*x. If a wife doesn't feel like having s*x, and the husband still forces her to, then at that moment he is a rapist and vice versa.

Biko, what do you think about this cause I swear, it sounds strange to my unmarried ears. Still trying to picture a wife taking her husband to court because he raped her. Why una kon marry ni?



  1. Lol, once yu married, no rape between yu nd ur spouse again na

  2. Honestly speaking When I eventually get married I won't force my wife to have sex with me if she doesn't want to at that time. But once I notice that it becomes a habit, I would probably become unfaithful to her

  3. Yup... To avoid such a rape, never marry a man who would disrespect you or your body in any way...

    Marriage should be about love and respect for one's partner, which can be achieved if the partner has self control... In order words, Marry a Man who would resect your body always...

  4. Lol... They when I get married I'll probably understand.


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