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Saturday, 17 December 2016

The truth behind the UGLY God

Immediately the video hit the social medias,a lot of comments both the good, bad and annoying started coming in. Some said he is a psycho, some said he is into self ideology, others said he is just busy for nothing, other said he doesn't know who God is...

On the contrary, some said he is gifted, some said he blew their minds, some said he finished work, some said he is U.G.L.Y, some said he is the best, some said he is blessed, others said this is the most creative piece they have come across in Nigeria, some said this is the most controversial but truth and revelational piece they have seen...
After we watched the trend closely, we needed to meet him again for adequate and appropriate questioning... Our simple question was "WHY DID YOU SAY GOD WAS UGLY?"...
Here BASEET as he bails himself out!

"I was recently asked why I said God is Ugly.. this is why..

I have seen girls been bullied because they are virgins. And being told that it is because they were ugly. I have noticed girls been pressured by their so called friends into dressing up for the notice of the opposite sex because of sex appeal. these are places that requires sense appeal. People been judged not for contents of their hearts but for size of the glands in their chest and ass.

Anyone who does differently is termed Ugly.

The problem is not the word but it's usage. Ugly is a term used to describe unattractive things or person. The word has no problem but it usage does. as it has become a word used for hate. Constructed to use to unfairly criticize those who do fit the normal look that is not tall enough or not fair enough not sexy enough or are different from others. 

People are being bullied by others because they do not have sex appeal, breast too small and hips too straight. Forgetting that physical appearance has more to do with nature than nurture. These people, I mean bullies have made the eyes their only sense organ and it's just senseless because there is more to life than what meet the eyes. These victims now hide their beautiful flaws and imperfections under layers of make-up and superficial garments. This might on the short term boost their confidence because the bullies would have less to use against them but the truth is that exchange of your uniqueness for acceptance is mad.

For the opposite of greatness is not mediocrity but conformity but the problem is that this standard isn't supposed to be a human standard for no human is standard. The only one worthy to stand as the standard is he who made us in his image and likeness. For he only is the standard. And the truth is that he does not care about for nails, hair, size, face, or shape. He only care for your heart and your actions. 

So if God is Ugly.. who is beautiful?

So if God loves you unconditionally why do you care about those whose love is not without conditions. Thanks for reading and I hope you understand."

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