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Saturday, 24 December 2016

What you need to do this Christmas

Does your Christmas feel like mine?
I really want to know.
Is it just me?
Am I missing something or you feel the same way too.
My house is packed with 17 extended family members yet I feel so lonely and left out;
I feel so old at such a young age.
I don't hear the giggle bells or see the imaginary snow men I use to see when I was 7.
I didn't reflect back to the birth of Jesus like I did last year.
I don't see the essence why everyone was so busy in the market on December 24th
Or why things were so expensive.

I don't get why there is a rush.
I don't get why lovebirds are making me feel like I'll die single before next year.
I don't get why there is so much alcohol in the fridge or why my street is decorated with colourful ribbons.
I don't understand why money is being knocked out for a two seconds loud sounded pleasure, disturbing the innermost part of my brains.
I don't understand why the traffic kept me for 3 hours today on my way back from the market on the 24th (I was forced to go by my granny).

I don't get it because the society is....or rather has built a vague thought in our minds over time.
It has distracted us from essense and imprisoned us in pretence.
We no longer see Christmas as a time when the saviour was born but as a time to just celebrate  (For reasons we don't even recongise).
Marketers see it as a time to promote their businesses,
Girls see it as the best time to open their legs.
We see it as a time to explore rather than to secure our minds for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Or as a time to just be happy (by force) for reasons we actually can't deep our hands into.

Christmas is today right?
See that as a reason for the very first time to scream "Thank God its Sunday" 
"TGIS" or "TGIC" (or whatever you wanna scream).
See it as a time to appreciate the fact that a saviour was born onto you.
As a time to be glad, happy, generous, all because one man took it upon him self to take the bullets  (oh! Sorry.....The nails) for your sake.
And maybe......I might have a beautiful reason to not feel lonely is the midst of more than a dozen loved ones.


  1. So true... The society has almost made us lose the essence of Christmas. Nice post

  2. So true... The society has almost made us lose the essence of Christmas. Nice post

  3. 😁😁😁in the coupe feeling diz write-up


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