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Friday, 30 December 2016

When a guy stands you up.

I was on my own few days before Christmas when this friend of mine buzzed me on whatsapp. He has been a very good friend although I had met him just once. The other time I was suppose to meet him was when he invited me to attend a concert but I couldn't make it cause I had other plans.

However, he buzzed me that day and told me about an amazing outing he was gonno have with like 8 of his friends at the zoo few days after Christmas. I had been to the zoo on so many occasions, I hate going on gatherings with totally unfamiliar faces, my hair was undone and I totally was not in the mood for any form of outdoor expenditure.

Since he invited me for a function that I once declined, I thought it'd be good on my part to go on this outing as much as I didn't want to. He even went further to tell me that I should try as much as possible to not stand him up this time around.

I started gearing myself up, I cancelled my exotic pool outing (as much as I love swimming), I put my spirit in line with the "zoo" outing, started making short imaginary pictures of how its gonna be like, hurried off to make my hair so I wouldn't leave the house looking like a mad woman (hair cost was N4250), I ironed my blue jean, black crop top and cleaned up my one and only Nike shoes.

After all preparations and anticipations were at their peaks, this guy messaged me a day to the proposed outing that it has been cancelled, promising that he'd make up for it in the future. I felt really bad, but I just had to not make him feel I was okay with it. (girl syndrome)

How could I possible be okay with it?
When I was already geared for it. Cancelled my dear swimming-during-harmattan date.
Went to make hair that I wasn't even ready for.
All for going to the zoo that I had been to a gazillion times.

Anyways, when the day finally came, Heaven knows I would have been as "useless" as the word itself if not for the fact that i was busy reading 'on becoming' by Toke Makinwa with my Okadabooks app. I barely went outside my room let alone outside my house. I was just glued to the book like it was the only thing on earth.

The most painful part of the story was that, after I was completely over the fact that my day was turned into a stay-in-your-room kinda day, the guy took an extra mile to tell me that on the supposed day of the zoo outing, he still went out with his friends to see a movie.

Honestly, the first question that popped into my head was "why wasn't I invited?" but of course, I acted like I was totally fine with it.

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  1. critically serious……sorry dear, let me take you a date on 24th dis month …you OK with it?! #winks


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