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Monday, 2 January 2017

10 Words Nigerian Parents Do Not Understand

1. Privacy.

Nigerian parents will never ever give you privacy. They will never knock on your door before entering if you like be masturbating or be watching porn. If you want privacy, kuku pack away from their residence.

2. Allowance.

Allowance?? Like allowing you live in their house right?? Apart from that, Nigerian parents cannot understand why you need allowance in this life. Except its the allowance that your tailor is suppose to leave inside your cloth sha.

3. Rest.

Biko, rest in which house?? God created the whole universe before he rested ni. What have you done with your life that you want to rest?? Except you want to rest in peace sha!

4. Thank you.

Hmmm, Nigerian parents can only tell you thank you on what occasion. When you tell them "I love you"

5. Sleep over

You want to goan sleep over because you don't have house again abi? Your house have burn, your parents have die. "Go to your room my friend!"

6. Grounded

They don't have time to be grounding you. Just bring the koboko on top of the locker abeg.

7. Please.

So you want your African parents to be telling you please because they asked you to bring the TV remote that is in the same chair they are sitting. "Who you epp?"

8. Sick.

You are healed in Jesus Name Amen! Oya goan fetch water.

9. Sorry.

How can your Nigerian Parents say sorry when they are never wrong. I tire for you o!

10. S*x.

Error 404!! That word doesn't exist.


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