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Sunday, 8 January 2017

11 ways to style your braids and nail it.

I am so sure that there are lots of people who have made the same mistake that I have.
I have done very expensive braids either the box braids(Bob Marley) or twisted braids, with various colours in the hope of looking glam and rocking the hair.
Most times, I end up either letting it down, packing it into a bun (donut) or packing a ponytail and in less than a week, I get bored and tired of my hair.

So, I took it upon myself to research the various ways to style braids and these are what i found.
Welcome to a whole new world of braids;

1. The simple bun style (donut)

 2. Pig tail bun style (two side donuts)

 3. A bun with some hair down at the front, but still in the bun

 4. High bun with some hair let down

 5. Two side buns with some hair let down

 6. High spread ponytail

 7. Making a crown by braiding from the left ear across the back of the head, along the hairline

 8. Let your hair down and accessories with hair bands and or gold or silver beads

 9. Let your hair down, then take some hair from the two sides and braid down or tie with a rubber band

 10. Experiment by braiding these braids (I'm still trying to figure out how they achieved these, lol)

 11. Don't forget your scarves as they make your look a lot more classy

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