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Sunday, 8 January 2017

25 amazing facts about football.

1. Football originated in China around 476B.C.

2. Over one billion fans watch World
Cup Football on television.

3. The largest Football tournament saw no
less than 5,098 teams. They competed in
1999 for the second Bangkok League
Seven-a-Side Competition. Over 35,000
players participated.

4. The World's First Football Club was the
English Sheffield Football Club. It was
founded in 1857 by Colonel Nathaniel
Cresswick and Major William Priest, two
British Army officers.

5. European Teams have reached every
World Cup final, except for the finals of
1930 and 1950.

6. England came up with the word
“soccer”. It’s a shortened version of
“Association Football” that was changed to
“Assoc Football”. This was changed to
“Soccer”. In 19th century England, it was
popular to add the “-er” sound to
shortened words.

7. ASEC Abidjan of Cote d’Ivoire was
unbeaten for 108 games between 1989
and 1994.

8. The ball used in professional football

has remained exactly the same size and
shape for 120 years - 28inches in

9. The first live coverage of a football
match was shown on television in 1937. It
was a practice match Arsenal played at
Highbury stadium.

10. Ryan Giggs' (of Manchester United)
dad was a professional Rugby League

11. Ryan Giggs has been
substituted more times than any
other player (134) in EPL.

12. Juan Mata is the first player in history
to have joined Manchester United from


13. Ryan Giggs is the
only Premier League player to score 100
without scoring a hat-trick.

14. Steven Gerrard has swapped his jersey
with more than a hundred players, but
never with
a Man United player.

15. Chelsea have been
relegated more times than they have won
English league.

16. Only one
GOLD Premier League trophy has been
and it was to Arsenal because in
season, they didn't lose any match.

17. Philip Lahm has never got a red card
inspite of being a defender.
18. The last time the Netherlands played an
international match without a 'van' in their
starting XI was against France during Euro 2000

(they won 3-2).

19. Pelé is the youngest ever World
Cup winner, picking up the gold in 1958 at just 17
years and 249 days.

20. Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet speaks 5
languages and has a degree in politics.

21. There is only one team out of the 4
divisions in England and the 4 divisions in
Scotland that have a ‘j’ in their name. It’s
Saint Johnstone.

22. There is only one case of Balotelli missing
a penalty on camera – and it’s in training

23. Javier Zanetti didn’t get a red card in Serie
A til his 548th match. Ryan Giggs has never
received a red card in the EPL .

24. Former Tottenham Hotspur captain Ledley
King holds the record for the quickest Premier
League goal. He scored 10 seconds after kick-
off in a match against Bradford in the 2000/01

25. Ronaldo (the Brazilian) has never won
the Champions League despite playing
for 5 teams that did. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
has also never won the Champions

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