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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How To Make Money With Social Media

There are more money-making
opportunities on social media than you
might realize. Social media, in fact, can be
quite lucrative.
Many experts say that social media is for
connecting with people, and not for selling,
but at some point, you're going to want to
leverage the connections you create. If
you've built up enough trust with your
followers, they'll be more inclined to check
out your recommendations and the links
you share.

Here are some ways u can make money via
social media

1. Promote your coaching or consulting
Social media is a great place to generate
leads for your consulting business. Whether
you're a guitar teacher or a life coach, if
you have demonstrated expertise in a
specific area, you can create more interest
for your services by connecting with your
target customer on social media.
Coaching sessions can be conducted over
Skype, so this is definitely an opportunity to
make money without leaving home.
Consulting can be lucrative, so remember
not to undercut yourself -- charge a fair
price for your time and effort.
This strategy can also work in unison with
selling information products, as those who
want your advice are more likely to be
interested in the ebooks and courses you've

2. Join the YouTube Partner Program
Building a popular YouTube channel can be
a lot of work. But if you already have
followers , or you're determined to build
your audience, joining the YouTube Partner
Program to make money on advertising
might be a path worth exploring.
There are prominent YouTube content
creators who have made substantial
amounts of money with this program, but
they are the exception rather than the rule.
It would take a lot of time, strategy and
sheer luck to make money on YouTube.
However, this is a good thing to keep in
mind with advertising in general. Unless
you're already getting a lot of views and
clicks, you're not going to make a lot of
money on them.

3. Promote products and services.
There are many opportunities for you to
share sponsored posts that promote the
products and services of other businesses.
This is a very direct way of earning money
from social media.
But, if you don't have a sizable following,
this may not be much of an opportunity.
You also have to beware of over-promoting
products for want of money, because if your
followers see that you're constantly
tweeting about one product or another, not
only will they not click on the links, they
will also un-follow you.
It's important to mix things up. It's wise to
take the time to craft a proper social media
posting schedule , to make sure you're
adding value to your followers while
promoting products. Calls to action should
definitely be a part of your social media
strategy, but every post can't be a call to

Good luck!

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