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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How to turn your old jeans into smoking hot ripped jeans

Ripped jeans or "crazy" jeans as they are also called has been existing since the 1980s. But they seem to be more popular these days. Celebrities like Kanye West, Kendall Jenner etc are not left out in this frenzy, as they are seen sporting this amazing trend.

There are three variations of ripped jeans;
1. The Ripped Jeans - These are jeans with holes in them through which the skin is clearly shown
2. Distressed Jeans - In distressed jeans, instead of showing  off skin in the places that are torn, the loose or fraying thread from the jeans are revealed, showing little skin
3. Lacy Ripped Jeans - This is another fashionable form of ripped jeans. To achieve this, a beautiful piece of lace is sewn around the ripped part of the jeans. The slightly transparent lace material is on display, giving those jeans a feminine and sophisticated look.

Why should you discard your old jeans and spend tons of money getting a new pair of ripped jeans, that may not even be ripped in the place you like when you can do it yourself without spending a dime by following these easy steps.


1. Pick out the jeans you want to remodel
2. Arrange your materials: Some old newspapers or magazines, a sharp knife or razor and a pencil.
3. Use the pencil to mark out the parts of the jeans you want to rip. NOTE: Avoid ripping too high above your knees, especially for the guys because your underwear might show
4. Place the newspaper in the jeans so as to avoid cutting the front and back of the jeans.
5. Cut the marked out part.
6. In order to prevent the jeans from tearing further, sew around the edges.


1-4. Follow step 1 through to step 4. But here, you add sandpaper or a pumice stone to your materials{step 2}
5. Start rubbing the marked out part with the sandpaper or pumice stone took those parts look worn out.
6. Use the side of the knife to scrape the distressed part if the jeans till you can see the white threads underneath the jeans.
7. Now, use the tip of your knife to pull at the weakened areas of your jeans. This will loosen the jeans, allowing the white threads and a little skin to show


This can be done either to newly ripped or previously ripped jeans to make it even more fashionable. The trick is to simply cut out a piece of lace and stitch it to the jeans to cover the ripped parts of the jeans (this should be done with the jeans turned inside out. Turn it back out when you are done sewing)

All you need to do now is to throw on a shirt to pair with these amazing jeans

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