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Thursday, 26 January 2017

An Open Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari

      Mr president sir, 

   If I may remind you, this is 2017 in case you have forgotten because of the luxury of aso rock, the presidential Villa. We are still yet to experience the change you promise even if we did not ask what type of change you are bringing, if it is a positive or a negative change.

     Since your inception in office, you have travelled almost around the world visiting other country world leaders who are busy developing their country, even when you were not invited only to be embarrassed by them and now you have come with your logo which says "CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME", Mr President sir, if I may ask, is that the change you have promised us, how can change begins with me when you haven't change yourself, even ur wife is not in support of your administration only for you to tell her that she belongs to the "OTHER ROOM", thou I don't know the room you are talking about but I hope is not what I am thinking. Take a look at your cabinet, you are been surrounded with a HIGH PROFILE OF SELF-CENTERED AND MINDED POLITICALLY POLITICAL POT-BELLY CORRUPT MINISTERS and you say change begins with me.......i laugh in Nigerian  pidgin English.

      Mr President sir, if I must tell you, you were not been voted in because you were the right choice for Nigeria, you were been voted in because you were the only option Nigerians had. Some Nigerians voted for you because of your VICE-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE in the person of PROF YEMI OSINBANJO, some voted for you because of their pledge to their political party, some voted for you because of religion and ethnic groups, but I personally voted for you just to remove Fmr President, GOODLUCK JONATHAN from office so he will learn his lessons according to what Fmr president, OLUSEGUN OBASANJO, a political godfather told him, I quote "NOW THAT YOU HAVE LEFT OFFICE, YOU HAVE LEARNT YOUR LESSONS".

       Mr President sir, on this note, I am saying that you should bring back our corruption, we thought corruption was a bad thing to Nigerian's not realising it was a good thing to us, not until u came with ur corrupt anti-corruption policy which Favour's  you, your corrupt ministers and top political leaders alone. You blocked all the borders for foreign importation of goods especially food item's when you were not ready to empower the agricultural sector leaving us with local rice that has stones and sands inside as if you are eating it.

       Mr President sir, your policy was not a bad one but the approach to the policy was very very bad. I was not surprised when somebody named you after his dog because i was thinking of naming you after something that was totally not useful to me. 

       Mr President sir, SENATOR BEN-MURRAY BRUCE have advised you several times, but you paid deaf ears to him. I could vividly remembered in one of your speech when you said that no political leader will go outside the country for medical checkup when qualified doctors have been confirmed in Nigeria, I still wondered what you are doing outside the country for medical checkup, perhaps you have gone for eye, nose and ear checkup, the next one we should be hearing is PENIS CHECKUP, may God save your life.

         Before I drop my precious pen I bought for N50 because of your selfish administration, let me use this medium to beg you to wise up and rise up as a President because i know you are not the one ruling this county, your corrupt ministers and political godfather's are the one ruling you to rule this country which does not make you a leader, this is not a military era, we are in a democratic era. 2019 is not far again, so better fix yourself before others will fix you to fix yourself.

       I just have to stop here now because if I have to continue, I am not sure your story will end, perhaps this is just the beginning and In everything you do, always remember that there is God.......

from a concerned Nigerian


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