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Sunday, 22 January 2017

The slutty bride

Tears were pouring down her eyes as she stared at herself in the mirror. She looked flawless in her wedding dress still I couldn't help but feel terrible for her. She was to get married in two weeks, her "husband to be" and her had made all the necessary preparations and the whole atmosphere was butterflies filled.'He said I slept with Jackson....when?? How??' Now she was crying more and her fancy make-up was ruined. (Maybe its cause I used a cheap foundation that wasn't waterproof)

I had come with her to the wedding shop to pick up her wedding dress when Chukwudi, her fiance called her screaming on the phone that her best friend, Jackson just leaked out all the things she has been doing with him behind his back during the 3 years of their courtship, the call lasted for about 45 minutes and she barely talked. 'I can't marry a slut' were the last words he said as he hung up on her.
I managed to take her home even though she was wailing like she had lost 7 children in a fire accident. She called her best friend but he refused to take her calls. Perhaps he was too scared to talk to her or to explain the lies he had said or why he had said them. The word 'slut' kept playing in her head over and over again and just before I decided to give her some alone time, she was screaming continuously 'he can't marry a slut, I'm a slutty bride'.

Anyways, the next morning,  we woke up to see an empty bottle of dettol on her bed with a note that said "I didn't do it Chukwudi, I have been a virgin all along. I'd rather die than become a slutty bride"
Honestly, she didn't do anything. Her supposed "male bestfriend" is this promiscuous individual that likes to paint girls bad. He likes the idea of telling all his male folks that he had slept with all the pretty and high class girls around. Maybe to increase his ego for one reason or the other. These lies were the ones he told ages ago but they found a way around Chukwudi's ears two weeks to his wedding.

I have observed also, the way many guys just downgrade girls that they haven't even touched just in the name of having gist for their fellow guys but it is wrong and really stupid. You don't know how one wrong talk could change the life of the innocent girl you are trying to downgrade and in this case, make her lose her life. You didn't sleep with a girl? Then don't say you did. You wanna gist your gist by force, then make up stories with no girl in particular.

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