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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

What's the weird thing that attracts you to the opposite sex

So I was on Nairaland few days back and I saw a post on the front page that caught my attention or rather attracted it. It reads "What's The Weird Thing That Attracts You To The Opposite Sex".

"Of course it'll be his personality" I thought to myself but opening the page opened my eyes to loads of funny things that attract people to the opposite sex and I thought I'd share with you guys.
Here were what some of the comments looked like.

"When he wears white" Oko celestial?

"Her voice...some girls voice makes me feel cold inside so I usually ask them for voice notes on whatsapp"

"Common sense"

"Toe nails" This one shock me.

"Sense of humour"


"Yellow backside"

"The smell of natural hair"

"sophisticated, contagious laughter"

"White teeth"

"Big asssssss"

"Tiny leg like pencil" OmG


"Bob risky coloration"

"Ladies that watch football"


"Armpit smell"

"Similar taste in music"

and the other commenters left out the "weird" in the post and just answered generally.

So I had to have a rethink on a weird thing that attracts me to a guy and I figured it was when they wore white diamond made shoes. Biko don't judge me.... Drop your own weird attraction in the comment box below.

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  1. This is weird... Possibly the weirdest one you've heard of or read...

    The arrangement of the Digits in her feet... yup, arrangement of her toes...

  2. Replies
    1. Lol. This your attraction is stronger than that of a magnet.😅

  3. I'm attracted to very cute boys.. With nice smile.. And a weird hair style


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