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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

10 Things Not to Do on Valentine's Day

Over the years I have seen people go crazy about the whole Valentine's day thing. Some of them get it perfect, others freak out and then end up spoiling it, some lose their relationships, and a handful of others just sit in their houses feeling unloved. Generally, i figured that there are some things just not to do on Valentine's day and trust me, they are simple to abide by.

1. Bring along a third wheel.
No matter how much your bff wants to tag along, just don't bring them along on your Valentine's date.

2. Go and see fifty shades of grey.
Biko, don't try it. Don't watch any form of movie as such or alike cause its gonna so kill the Valentine spirit. And then, tif you want sex....sugar coat it.

3. Surprise her with nothing.
Ladies like surprises even though most of them would not admit it. They could tell you that Valentine means nothing to them or that they don't want anything or they don't wanna go anywhere but my brother, please do the opposite of this if you want to blow her mind. And to the ladies, surprise your man as well.

4. Flowers and boxers.
Believe it or not, in Nigeria some Gifts just don't count and they can bring curses rather than pleasantries. Do not get for a nigerian lady flowers except you know that she definitely likes them. Then ladies, try and explore the market. Just try. I'm sure you'll find wonderful things other than boxers and singlets.

5. Make it more important than the relationship.
Honestly, Valentine is just a day and its not the first neither will it be the last in the world. It is totally not a do or die affair. Some relationships on Valentine's day break because people's ("girls") expectation skyrockets and when they get anything below their imaginations they explode and kill the whole reason for Valentine.

6. Save the prank for April 1st.
If you are the type that while others are having romantic ideas, you are constructing prank techniques then get over it. Valentines are romantic and are not meant to tag anyone "April's fool"

7. Text your ex.
Really....don't try it. Wrong timing.

8. Same old routine.
Valentine is not the day to go to the same restaurant or watch the same movie that you've seen together for the 100th time. Rather, its a day to be spontaneous and to explore new adventures.

9. Pass out.
Lol. Please don't sleep on the date.

10. Make singles feel sad.
Don't make any of your single friend feel like they should die because they ain't dating. Just keep your cool and still make them feel special.

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