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Monday, 13 February 2017

The best way to drink garri

The first glimpse I had of this picture gave me no idea it was garri till I saw the caption on Naija Single girl's instagram handle that said "This garri graduated with a CGPA of 5.0"

Some past few weeks, I was having a terrible eating disorder. I barely thought about food, I barely ate and I began to lose all the weight I had been acquiring since birth. When I don't eat for like a day and half, I would slump anywhere possible; on the street, in my house, and once while attempting to cross the road.

My weight was terribly low, my body mass index was unbelievable (shame will not let me to say exact figures), everyone kept asking what was wrong with me but I couldn't even fathom that for myself. My parents were getting scared and I swear, I was ten times more terrified. 

Throughout the time of my struggle, food was a turnoff to matter how beautiful it looked I just wasn't interested. However, staring at this sexy garri up above, I know that deep down if I had seen it, I would have received automatic healing cause it is way different from the usual garri, sugar and tiny balls of groundnut I'm used completely would have won in seducing my heart away from anorexia.

Anyways, my mum got me a handful of drugs that has been helping me eat but I plan on stopping them once I reach a particular weight on the scale and this garri by chef_six with ice "blocks", groundnut, coconut, fish, meat, milk and the other thing I can't recongize has inspired me.

So if you are in a place like I was, then please go see a doctor on time, see a psychologist, balance your diet, pray, be ready for healing and above all get inspired by this garri's picture up above.

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