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Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Piece of Fish Sold For 42000 Naira

Instagram user @officialch took to instagram his shock as a piece was fish was tagged 42000 Naira in Grand Square Supermarket, Victoria Island, Lagos.

He captioned the picture thus: 'So earlier today, I was at the Grand Square Supermarket in Victoria Island to get some snacks to quench my cravings. Guess what I saw? Can you imagine this piece of fish is sold for 42000 Naira? Shouldn't this be a wake up call for all Nigerians to go into fishing? Water done pass garri o.'

However, I have the following heartfelt questions concerning this fish price. (Yes, it's that personal to me)

  1. Was the fish fried with crude oil?
  2. Will it grow back once eaten?
  3. Are the bones made of Gold?
  4. Was it the same fish that was used to feed the five thousand men in the bible? If yes I'll borrow 1million Naira to buy it. If No.....who e epp??
  5. Will it give me eternal life?
  6. Will the fish cure cancer?
  7. Did they mean N420.00 (still too expensive)
  8. Will someone actually buy this fish for 42k??

Biko, help me forward my questions to the supermarket's manager. I need answers!

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  1. Lol.. LMAO... Maybe the fish is like a free gift to the main item somewhere close... Lol.. #justsaying


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