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Sunday, 12 March 2017

My Agemate Just Made 2.7 Million Naira.

Today in church I was quite late and was still trying to get myself settled when this guy with cute shoes (I can't say that for his face) came up for thanksgiving.

This young man in his mid-twenties was crying as he shared his story. From how his family has been very poor after the death of his parents, to how his uncles had driven them out of their own father's house.

According to him he has been staying with the pastor of the church all along. I felt really sorry for him and my gaze was glued to his shoes as I was still waiting for the bombshell of how he acquired them.

After the burial of one of his Aunty who died of an accident, six of his uncle's flew in from outside the country. As they came in, his pastor prayed for him that he will find favour in the sight of his family members. Few days after the burial, one of his uncles asked what his plans were and he said he wanted to buy instruments for his "Dj work". The uncle travelled back overseas and a week later he got an alert of 2.7 million Naira (This was last week-Was really quick for him to purchase the shoes anyways).

After his testimony, I still couldn't stop staring at his shoes. When it was time for offering he was holding clean new notes of the highest denomination in Nigeria Currency (I know....I just didn't wanna say 1000 Naira) and fat envelopes of maybe tithes. Not that I planned to look but he held it in such a way that the blind could see. On the other hand, I left my purse at home and there was only 30 Naira in my bag (Just imagine how I held my own offering).

After church, some of the girls from the choir stand ran (fast and furious) to him and maybe some of their first compliments would be "I like your shoes". However, I walked out of church dialling my uncles numbers but all of them were unreachable....

I'm sorry there is no picture, that will be done as soon as I snap his shoes. Maybe in church next week.😕


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