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Thursday, 16 March 2017

My Review of "Diamond and Stones" by Ejiro Emenike Ukaumune

Diamonds and Stones by Ejiro Emenike Ukaumune is a captivating fictional novel with Trisha as the main character. According to the author, Trisha never had life so smooth! life was just like a 'DIAMOND' until she began to face the obstacles and hitches of life, just like ‘STONES’ being thrown at her path.

I must applaud the author for the plot of this novel as it took me by surprise each time I turned the pages.... or rather swiped the pages from my Okadabooks app.

Trisha is wise, beautiful, and seems to have somethings going well for her till she innocently opens the door for a woman with a baby who changes everything about her life. What happens to the baby and the mother will leave you glued to your chair either crying at a point, or screaming, but definitely keeps your heart racing.

I love the author's unique style of writing. She writes in first person in a way that makes it seem as though she's talking directly to a reader. I also enjoyed her skills in the use of suspense that keeps you unsure of what will happen next; dragging your appetite further. Also, there was the use of comedy in the way Trisha thinks and alot of humor between Trisha and the Cab Driver.

In this novel, there is love, action, trills, religion, hate, adventure, betrayal and lots more. I must say that it was a very worthy read as well as a must-read. It teaches some of life's principles and also helps one understand how to handle life's pressure.

The only issue I have with the novel was that it ended too soon.

You could crab your copy from Okadabooks just as I did by clicking here.

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