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Saturday, 11 March 2017

What's The English Name of This Fruit

For many years I have pondered and wondered what the English name of this fruit could be. My discoveries led me to know that the Yorubas call it "Awin", the Igbos call it "Icheku", the hausas call it "Tsamiyar kurim". Still i wasnt able to find its english name.

Thank God for the plant biologist that visited my family today. As we were all enjoying our afternoon with this fruit, without me asking he said "Do you know that the English name of this fruit is Black Velvet Tamarind? Also its botanical name is Dialium guineense

As soon as he said it, I quickly googled the name for confirmation and of course he was correct!

That's how your questions will be answered without you asking this month😇

What is this fruit called in your language?

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  1. OK o. I've learned that one... Though I'll forget the name in no time...


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