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Saturday, 11 March 2017

What's in Six Months From Now?

At times I try to look into my "six months from now" and it is very unknown and often times scary. By then, I'd be a graduate, become independent (cut down on allowances), be waiting for NYSC, be contemplating where to do my masters or if to even do masters at all, be looking for a six months job or training to keep me occupied and be striving to put in more energy into blogging.

It's gonna be a whole new system for me and I'm honestly not sure if I'm ready to face the world beyond the corners of uniben. I try as hard as possible not to think about it but the human in me still steal away glances of what is not clear in my "six months from now".

I realized, above all things that one should live out every single moment and stage in life because we are never totally sure about what is next; all we can do is to only guess. I've explored my niche and beyond in this past four years of my life and I strongly doubt I'd ever get the chance to live like that again. I'd never be able to do crazy and irrational things because I'd feel I'm too smart or maybe too old to just live freely. 

So sky dive, swim, go to the beach, take icecream, kiss in the rain, go on sleepovers, eat out, eat new delicacies, go to the movies, get high, dance, learn new things, make friends, party, make-up, wear what you like, exhaust your mind and never stop dreaming because you really don't know what's in your tomorrow let alone your "six months from now"

As for me, I'm gonno enjoy the euphoria of being a final year brethren and then in six months time, I'd start exploring the life of a graduate. Just as Jesus said "tomorrow will take care of itself"


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