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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

New Buisness Idea: Sell "Papers"

I was in my hostel with some friends few weeks back when a girl walked in and said “paper for sale”. I was astonished and I asked her what kind of paper was for sale…. She dipped her hand in a polythene bag and brought out a sheet of A4 paper with prints on it. I took it from her and the title of the comprehension was “how to find yourself”. This comprehension was just a one sheet of paper (I’ll like to emphasize).

I asked her for the price and she said it was N50. We were all very surprised but we told her we were not interested and she left. When she walked out of my room, my friend said we should just buy her “papers” to help her business (That maybe it was corporate begging). So we called her back and bought four copies….that was N200 with a profit of N160 because printing or photocopying would cost her 10 naira per page. (That might just be more than what I’ve made from this blog in eleven months. lol)

So I read the comprehension “paper” passage and it was the shallowest thing I have ever read with my eyes…one point I can remember was “in finding yourself you have to always be alone” and that point was even one of the points that was close to reasonable. We laughed at the idea and some of us even said it was a disguise for begging but our opinions didn’t stop the fact that she has made N200 from us, it didn’t change the fact that she might just sell all her “papers” and it didn’t reduce the fact that she was on her own journey of finding herself…. Whether the journey made sense to us or not.

I actually took her number and maybe one day I’d call her to come guest write on this blog and maybe by then, she’d be a better writer.

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  1. Lovely post... Everyone is on a journey to find themselves... The journey is usually worth more than the destination.


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