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Thursday, 21 December 2017

2017 recap: Love always leaves

Meeting you was one of the best things that happened to me in 2017. You made me feel fly, you made me feel love, you made me look smart, you made me feel extremely happy. Looking into your eyes took my breath far away to a land I had never been to. Watching you move around made me feel like i was the most lucky woman to have you right in front of me. I could still remember how shy you were to ask for my number and how confident you were to tell me that everything would be alright in my days of shadows and downcast.

You sang to me; songs of love and deep affections. You cuddled me with touches of the highest frequencies of ecstasy and vibrations of romance. I was found lost in the aura of you strong spell of attraction and I felt that your shoulders were the right place for me to lean on forever (and maybe a day more)

I already had created, designed, framed and imagined my sweet long forever with you. Our house by the beach, our twin girls wearing pink, our red candles burning with strong love into the summer spring at midnight. I had pictured what the wedding bells would look like and the colours of the ribbons and the petals and the florals and the waters in the pool that we would swim in  and drool in on our sweet honeymoon.

In all these, there were no confessions between us. No love proclamations by words but only by sincere actions. You did for me what I didn't expect a being to do. You directed me into a path and you sacrificed so much for me to be on that path. You told me all you wanted was my happiness and I believed you. You didn't tell me you loved me but you made me feel it in the purest and truest of ways. 

Like all kinds of love, there are barriers. We had ours, we were living in two different phases of which it seemed I was ahead of you. I didn't mind, it meant nothing to me. it didn't change how I felt or thought about you. I was fully willing to wait till you completed the phase you entered. I was happy because I was gonna complete the phase with you just as you had completed my life. 

But you didn't see it from my angle. You saw it in a totally different light. You didn't try to explain to me what you had seen. You just left. You left with the happiness you had promised. You left with the words you had proclaimed. You left with the very last air I had to breathe and sadly, you left with a vital part of me.

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