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Friday, 5 January 2018

How to Get a Boyfriend This Year

Getting a boyfriend is no longer as funny as it used to sound. I know of someone who has shed tonnes of tears because she couldn't get a boyfriend for 3 years. Lol. Just imagine a young vibrant female not having a significant other for that amount of time. Having just any boyfriend isn't usually the struggle. it boils down to finding someone that suites you, understands you and can fit into your niche. To find someone that fits into your criteria, you have to step up your game and become someone that can fit into other people's criteria. I have put together some tips to get your own boyfriend this year.

Reduce the membership of your friendzone association:
C'mon it's a new year, you can't carry over so many people in your friendzone from last year to this year. it's either you completely delete some people from the zone or you start serious considerations of being in a relationship with those that you are matchable with. Often times, there are a lot of diamonds hidden deep down in the friend zone. I have a friend who is currently married to a guy she has friendzoned for ages just because she decided to start seeing beautiful possibilities.

Have a strong personality:
If you want a boyfriend with a strong personality, you must first build yours. Groom your confidence level and maintain a good communication character and general manners. You wouldn't expect to keep a great guy when you've sourly spoken to him on your first conversation.

Do not appear available:
 Many girls make themselves extremely available to any Tom, Dick and Harry in the Quest of finding a man. Everybody in Nigeria right now wants to die for petrol because it is unavailable so it is valuable. I'm not saying that you should act as though you are too busy for men when you are actually jobless, I'm just saying you should take your time. Live your life as freely as you can and don't just jump in the sight of any man that cares to ask for your name. Have some refrain and let them run a little Chase.

Dress  "attractively fashionable": 
You become noticed when you are attractive and when your fashion statement is classy and bold. Don't underdo nor overdo. Be comfortable, bold and attractive. I mean, you have to first be attractive to be noticed and then observed.

Groom yourself: 
It's a new year so you have step up your game. irrespective of whether you want a boyfriend or not. Keep your body and shape in good health. Eat, rest, sleep, hit the gym if you can. You cannot comman kill yourself because of boyfriend search o.

Go out
Mohammed has to go to the mountain this time around. Enjoy every bit of your life. Go to the movies, club, church, pool, events, weddings, work, any where. Just have a good time living your life. Who knows, your boyfriend to be might just be sitting next to you in the movie threatre.

Have an open mind and be reasonable: You should know what you want but be open minded. Anyone can be the one. Be reasonable with your judgements and be lavish in openness.

All these tips are easier said than done so make a conscious effort to practising them.

P.S: If I could write this for getting a boyfriend, I wonder what I would write for getting a husband.

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