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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

How to get a Job in Nigeria.

  There is no gain saying the fact that getting a job in Nigeria is not an easy task. Obviously, getting a job in a country with over 180 million people is not an easy task. This is due to the fact that the Job market in our country is very Competitive.
   After graduation,graduates and job seekers are faced with the harsh shocking reality that the Nigeria job market is not as ideal as they though it was or may have been Led to think.
   Nowadays, once you are done with your University education,the next thing on your mind as a new graduate is how to get a Job in Nigeria, not just as Job but a good one at that.
  Undoubtedly, as a matter of fact,there are plethora of jobs and jobs opportunities in Nigeria as long as you are qualified but getting these jobs is not an easy task because the jobs available in the Nigerian Job market are Limited.
   As a result of this many unemployed graduates and Job seekers have resorted to self employment rather than jostling for the few white collar Jobs which are available in our country today.
   Nigeria like several other countries of the world has its own experience of unemployment and Job Scarcity. This is as a result of many factors such as Corruption,Unfavorable Labour Market,among others.
  Some years ago,getting a Job in Nigeria was quite easy and less difficult. This was due to the fact that Our Country was Less Corrupt then than as it is now.
 Unfortunately nowadays,getting or securing a job in Nigeria is now  based on one's Network, that is the who you know factor. This worrisome and ugly trend has not only helped to encourage Corruption, But it has also ensured that the Less qualified are employed rather than the most qualified.
   At this juncture, an important question agitating your mind is "Who gets the best Job in Nigeria"? Is it always the most qualified applicant?
  Well,according to Brian an employment Consultant, the answer is "No". The best job often goes to the most effective job applicant.
  However in my opinion, what is effective may be relative. In other words,what may be effective to one may not be effective to another.
  According to a recent survey embarked upon by the National Bureau Of Statistics,Unemployment rate in Nigeria today Constitutes about 58.3 percent of the population. This new statistics also revealed that about four million employed workers in Nigeria were thrown in to the unemployment market Last year. This is very worrisome considering the fact that Our Nigeria Universities churn our thousands of graduates every year.
  Furthermore it must be also be stated that the issue of unemployment is a major problem all over the world today and Nigeria is not an exception but sadly it is worse in Nigeria. The rate of unemployment has increased during the Last few years, no thanks to the fallout of economic challenges such as , economic recession among other factors.
  In conclusion, it is posited that the best solution to the issue of unemployment in Nigeria is self employment. Therefore Fresh graduates and job seekers are encouraged to embrace self employment as  a means of ameliorating the problem of job scarcity in Nigeria.

Samuel Irusota


  1. A great info...we needed this

  2. The abstract of employment has a crackling sound which is abhorent at the same time. It doesnt create the same plateau between employer and employee. What more between prospective employer and prospective employee. On the side of employee hopuful it creates feelings of desperation which seeks to inhibit perceptive powers and futher hamper on ones thinking process.Hence employment premises have now been turned into brothel houses and places of brown envelopes. People known to be good leaders are now tame and easy to be galloped like horses or micromanaged.Business route sounds good but it cannot be us all who have the same passion for business.Now what can be a lasting solution?GET LEADERSHIP IN ORDER!!Have good leaders in places of leadership

  3. Looking at the rate of unemployment in Nigeria and the number of unemployed graduates., i think we will not be too far from the truth when we say the solution to this is self employment. Quite an educative piece.. Tnk u sir

  4. Nice write up. The issue of unemployment is a major problem in Nigeria today

  5. Great article. In addition the federal government also has

  6. Great article. This was so helpful. We hope the FG do the needful

  7. This is a must read article, read and leave your contributions, thanks

  8. Nigeria job environment has not improved instead it has worsened. Companies, Industries operating in Nigeria daily groan under the demonic yoke of doing business in Nigeria's unfavourable business climate.
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