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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How To Get Your Ex Back

HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK: 6 proven strategies to break the Hex. 

There are several reasons you might want your ex back. After all,  there was a reason you guys dated in the first place. There was a reason you guys used to look at each other in the eye and whisper sweet nonsense in your ears. And there is a possibility you still have a thing for your ex. 

Or it could be you fell out on bad terms and did not settle down to trash the matter. Even distance and silence  could make the onetime love of your life your Ex. 

So here are six steps to get your Ex-partner back.  These are tested and trusted ways to go back to that perfect relationship.  Or you just want to get your ex back into the friend zone where his help could be needed anytime any day. 

Feel to drop your advice and comments when I am done dropping these words of wisdom. 

Yes dear,  cut off everything associated with your ex. Block the guy on Facebook. Delete the babe's number on WhatsApp. Unfollow his Instagram handle. 

This is the first step to getting your ex back. Ironic,  isn't it? This is where you follow the "out of sight, out of mind" principle. A major reason (or probably the most important reason) you and you ex are not together is because you became normal. He began to see your flaws and started underrating you. You were no longer the guy she used to save his DP and show to our friends telling them how cute you were. 

But it is time to double your principles. Ever heard "Scarcity creates necessity? " This is what this first step is for. 

Make yourself scarce. Create an illusion that you have better things to do than sulk on your ex and like all his Facebook posts. 

Yep,  that is the next step.  The longer the relationship, the more you tend to expose your flaws. However,  bad habits are a turnoff in any relationship. 

Everybody has their own bad habits. Identify yours and stop them. 

 This cannot be over emphasized. Some relationships eventually turn to parasitism as time runs by. 

"Baby, what did you eat today? "
"Bae, can I come over? "
"Dear, what did you cook today? "
"Babe, can you come over? "
"Sweetheart, what are you doing right now? "

The above are not signs of love or care. They simply show you are clingy and your self-esteem depends on your relationship. This is probably another reason your ex is an ex in your life. So build your self-esteem. 

You are beautiful, breathtaking with wonderful talents and abilities. 

The moment you tell these words to yourself,  you will realize you will be more valuable in any relationship. 

Haba, who won't leave you when your appearance is shabby and nonattractive. Try to look good every time (or at least most of the time). 

You have heard "Dress the way you want to be addressed" abi?  Apply it to your appearance. 

Buy new set of clothes. Wash your old clothes very well. Brush your teeth. Maintain an awesome hairstyle consistently. Have good footwear and the most important tip of all;

Wash your undies or boxers regularly abeg. And let me see if your ex will come running after you. But after applying the remaining two steps though. 

Hmm, it is now time to unleash the improved you. Your self-esteem has improved, your 'girl-boss' status is increasing, your 'I am awesome on my own' guy prestige keeps loading day by day. So what next? 

It is time to connect. 

Smile. Laugh. Speak with dignity. Eventually, the rumors will spread from the friends of the friends of your ex that you are available and better than ever. 

I am sure you already know how to go about this step. You can WhatsApp her (Especially for those of us who still had our exes' number memorized?). Send him a friend request on Facebook. Call him and ask about his welfare. 

But be casual. Gain the trust first. And everything will go as planned. And your ex will be in your arms. Or in your friendzone. 

P.S: This advice is for relationships that ended on a wrong note or never ended well. If your ex is an abusive,  psychopathic guy or a loudmouthed, badmouthed lady who loves to gossip. Leave the person alone and move on to a new relationship. 2018 is not for hanging around toxic people. 

Feel free to share and let me know if I left any tip untouched or this advice will not work (or did not work for you).


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