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Saturday, 20 January 2018

How to stop your spouse from cheating

when choosing a spouse,  you must be able to conclude in your mind the right person for yourself after passing through the courtship stage.  A spouse can be said to be a man or woman who is legally married.

Religiously, when God created man in his own image, he have to make man sleep and he remove one of his ribs and created woman.  Until you find your missing ribs, you have found your own spouse. That is every man has a missing ribs and until you found this mission ribs,  you will be able to have confidence in yourself that you found a good spouse. In the world today,  the rate at which couples divorce eachother is very alarming due to the fact one of the parties is cheating on the other and that has led to broken relationship. An advise says,  spend more   on your marriage than your wedding party. that is, their are many wedding parties out there whereby thousands and millions of naira have being spent on it,  still yet both parties still broke up within 5 years, probably one was cheating on the other. 

Some people believes that, they can't depend on one body for the rest of their lives,  so they believe having a cheating partner settles the score. Taking the men for example,  they don't cheat just because they don't love you anymore, they just want more varieties in their sex life. Some men have the mentality that the best time to cheat on their spouse was when she will be observing her menstrual cycle. Men cheat for many reason,  some for pleasure,  some for the fun while some sees it as a game. When a man cheat,  their is still assurance that she will still love his spouse but when a woman tries to cheat,  no how she will love her spouse like before. In other to get rid of this undefined act,  there are some principle, guidelines, rules and regulations for you to act on in other for you to be able to stop your spouse from cheating


Whenever you go into a relationship with your spouse, you must have the right believe that things will work out because it is when you have such believe that things will work well but if you are doubting or you never believe in your mind that it is going to work well,  then have it in mind that one of you will surely cheat on each other.  Even the Bible verse says that until two people agree, that when they can walk together. Both you and your spouse must be in one accord and believe that the relationship will work. If no one believe in the other,  it is is possible for your spouse to cheat on you because he/she will believe that if things did not work out as planned in the relationship,  he/she will have nothing to loose. Make your spouse have the confidence and believe in you that even if no one is with eachother,  both parties mind will be at rest that the relationship is save 


Whenever you are not faithful in your relationship and you started letting your spouse feel insecure and start doubting you,  then their is a problem because the relationship will start becoming unworkable. To stay faithful in a relationship,  you have to turn blind eyes and dead ear to anything that might try to distract the relationship from growing.  Being faithful with your spouse will make you have more level and respect you deserve. Be clear with your spouse in an appropriate boundaries as much as possible. Never leave a space for doubt,  let your spouse know when another party is trying to draw your attention from the relationship,  so that there will be a right and better way to fix it in the right path.


Never give your spouse so much unwanted attention whereby they will ever think you are suspecting them of cheating. Learn to build in an atmosphere of security and safety.  Monitoring your spouse footsteps will always cause untrust, never check their private materials without their consent. Make your spouse free with his/her friends,  respect your spouse feelings, both physical and emotional.


One of the factors, feeling and emotion that makes a relationship stronger is love.  When you love your spouse and he/she is aware of It, for your spouse to cheat on you will be a little bit difficult. True love is like any other strong and addicting drug,  the love for your spouse should be like a prison whereby he will be cage and won't  have any other thought of cheating. Love is only interesting to those who have being imprison by it. Live is like a wind where you can only feel but you can't see.  Loving your spouse should be what you most show everyday and everywhere and also let spouse feel the real zeal of love in you. One of the most critical element of happiness is loving someone that also loves you. You should also know your spouse favorite and let your spouse know your best mood of showing love. Talk about each others weakness and know more on how to strengthen it. 


Whatever you have must be what you will be contented with.  Being satisfied with your spouse will save the relationship.  Be ready to give your spouse the best sex position he/she will love and enjoy and must be satisfied before getting up and also give your spouse the chance to try new things with you. This will make your spouse to be satisfy with you only, instead of going outside to find someone that can satisfy him/her. Whenever you see things and materials you know your spouse love, instead of overlooking it,  you can just get it for your spouse and the love bound will be tightened.


Learn to appreciate your spouse, no matter how small what he/she might do to you,  everything should be appreciated. When you appreciate,  it give your spouse the zeal and more eager to do more for you.  Appreciating your spouse is one of the key in building your relationship with each other. When you appreciate your spouse,  you are bringing out the greatness and potential of the relationship. Appreciate whatever your spouse buy for you and also appreciate whatever you contribute in the relationship, and show the appreciation act everyday. 


You must be able to support your spouse dream by giving her every  encouragement and passion to do more. Your spouse dream should also be part of your dream because you are now one body and whatever the outcome of her dream is, will also affect you. When you support your spouse dream, your focus will no longer come out ahead as an individual ,  it will now be of you and your spouse

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