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My name is not actually Ericadianas. Many years ago, my mum saw a movie in which two girls were called Erica and Diana and she merged both names to form the word "Ericadianas". She told me she was gonna use the name to open a boutique someday but along the line, i stole the name and used it to open my current e-mail account

If there is one thing I love doing; it's inspiring people. I'm always set out to put smiles on faces, make you happier, explore and report back to you about my wonderful adventures, find expressions through you, get inspiration from you, make life easier for you, help you with your daily 'how to', and generally relate with you through whatever legal means possible.

A friend of mine related to this nature of mine and talked me into opening a blog and i bugged out making long list of excuses. Yet, he went further to open the blog for me with my earlier stated 'Gmail account'. Since the only name I could think of was Ericadianas, I decided to name the blog 'Ericadianas'; Journal of a realistic lifestyle.

So... the blog is basically an expression of me that is relating to you; in order to inspire you.

Since I don't have a camera to start snapping all the wonderful pictures I'll need to run this blog, I had no other choice than to steal most of the pictures from Google so please if you find your pictures here... Abeg nor vex!! Lolz.

However, for competence sake I figured I needed someone to help me edit my posts and thank God I found SUNDAY CHUKWUEBUKA; an English and Literature Student, who has been of enormous help in editing most of the posts on this blog (You can send him an e-mail via

I sincerely look forward to a wonderful and adventurous journey with you where we would both get to inspire each other on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading.

Much love...

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